Typhoon Blaster - The Only Mobile, Airless, Dustless Sandblaster


The Typhoon Blaster is easier-to-use, safer, more portable, & less expensive than a standard sandblaster.  And much better at cleaning compared to the best commercial pressure washers.

It doesn't require an air compressor, so all you have to do is hook it up to a hose, which makes the unit extremely mobile, even fitting in the trunk of most SUVs.

Wet sandblasting is the ideal solution for cleaning graffiti, stripping paint off fences, removing oil spills off cement, and many other applications.


  • Patented System - Uses water pressure and sand to clean surfaces (no air compressor necessary)
  • Dustless - No dust plume because the sand is mixed with water
  • Mobile – Everything you need can fit in the bed of a pickup
  • Works On All Hard Surfaces - Wood, concrete, metal, brick, & others.
  • Excellent For Tough Substances - Cleans paint, rust, oil stains, and other industrial substances.
  • Ready-To-Use – Already assembled out of the box. Just add sand, gas, and water connection.
  • Engine Included - Kohler Command Pro CH-440 engine comes with unit.
  • Dual Purpose – Can work as both a sandblaster or a pressure washer.
  • Safer – No chemicals. No carcinogenic dust cloud. No static charge. No worries.
  • Guaranteed - 2 years on motor.  1 year on the full unit.
  • Made In The USA - Top quality manufacturing and short lead teams for parts