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The Power Pro Pressure Washer & Sand Blaster


The Power Pro Pressure Washer & Sand Blaster


The Power Pro Pressure Washer & Sand Blaster

worker spraying off paint with Typhoon BlasterRemove paint from any surface.

Don’t waste time chipping off layer of paint by hand. The Typhoon Power Pro pressure washer and sand blaster blasting system blasts through years of paint. Easily switch between water and sand to adjust to the needs of your project. Remove paint faster by blasting it!

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worker getting ready to spray equipment with Typhoon BlasterClean equipment for longer usable life.

The Typhoon Power Pro pressure washer and sand blaster cleans industrial equipment faster and more efficiently than its competition. Refurbish, refresh and renew your equipment to maintain and extend usable life. Save time and money with the Power Pro blasting system!

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parts getting cleaned with Typhoon BlasterRevitalize commercial parts and industrial tools.

Adjustable pressure nozzles fit any project you’re working on. The cleaner, easier pressure washing and sand blaster system refreshed used equipment, making them look and run better. Plus, with a fresh blasting, your equipment will look more professional when presenting to customers.

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worker spraying brick with Typhoon BlasterRescue walls from paint and Dirt.

Years of layered on paint are no match for the Typhoon Power Pro pressure washer and sand blaster. Easily remove dried paint layers to bring brick back to its original brick surface without the use of harsh chemicals. Better for the environment and better for your brick.

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man spraying pipes with Typhoon BlasterEasily clean rust and wear from steel.

For your tougher projects like steel, just switch the Power Pro to sand blaster and get blasting! Use inexpensive dry sand to eliminate debris or tarnished metal with ease. For specialized applications, play sand may be substituted for heavier grit.

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pressure washing furnitureGently remove paint or stains from furniture without damage.

Removing paint or stains from wood with ease. The quick-change sand blasting and pressure washer nozzles come in multiple sizes and patterns for ultimate versatility. With the nozzles, the pressure can also be adjusted for gentle surfaces like wood without warping or damaging the surface.

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Typhoon POWER PRO Features

first ever dual action blasting unit

Commercial-Grade Power

One machine, two systems.

The Typhoon Power Pro pressure washer and sand blaster is the first of its kind. By combining two systems in one, there is no need to store, rent or use two machines to get your projects done.

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Portable power, versatile reliability

Commercial-Grade Action

Make quick work of large or small projects.

The Typhoon Power Pro pressure washer and sand blaster has a lightweight aluminum frame with large 12-inch wheels for ultimate portability. Maneuvering on any terrain with the patented stabilizing system makes the toughest projects easy.

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Designed for your jobsite

Commercial Grade Tough

everything from the toughest to your easiest.

With duel action pressure washing and sand blasting capabilities, the Typhoon Power Pro makes quick work of any sized job. Switching from water to sand blasting or adjusting the pressure for the different surfaces is QUICK and EASY!

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built to save you time & money

Commercial Grade Savings

Two systems in one for faster, easier cleaning power.

Save time and money by using the Typhoon Power Pro pressure washer and sand blaster! Refurbish, refresh and clean any surface 25x faster than competitors. Plus, less clean up saves you valuable time that you can use for your other projects.

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eco-friendly materials

Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendly, Industrial strong.

The Typhoon Power Pro pressure washer and sand blaster meets the OSHA regulations as an environmentally friendly product. Eco-friendly materials like crushed glass and dry sand can be used in the Power Pro for less mess.

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Offers & Specials

No Buyers Remorse

No Buyers Remorse

Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed- If you’re not happy with our product within 3 days, we’ll give you your money back.

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1YR Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Product Limited Warranty

We’ll repair or replace any Typhoon Power Pro part(s) that fall under our warranty terms.

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Typhoon Story

Revolutionizing business performance

Designed and Manufactured in South Carolina - USA STRONG
Proudly built in the U.S.A.

The Typhoon Power Pro is proudly designed and manufactured in South Carolina, USA by SC Power Tech Inc., a second-generation family owned subsidiary company. SC Power Tech Inc. strives to restore American labor and manufacturing by building American-made products instead of importing products from other countries.